Features of the Arca-Swiss R Camera System


• The R system is solid and rugged in construction, yet compact and lightweight in it’s design. It’s perfect for travel, hiking and location photography.

RM3di weighs 2.36 lbs.
RM2d weighs 1.54 lbs.
RL3d weighs 3.2 lbs.

• All in plane geared and self-locking rise/fall & lateral shift are all controlled from the rear of the camera. All in plane movements on the rear of the camera keep the lens in a stationary position. This ensures the point of view remains fixed and produces less errors for stitching panoramas, etc.

• RM3di Vertical Rise/Fall 30/20mm, Lateral Shift 15/15mm. Tilt 5 degrees + or –

• RM2d Vertical Rise/Fall 20/10mm, Lateral Manual Shift 15/15mm

• RL3d Vertical Rise/Fall 40/10mm, Lateral Shift 20/20mm, Tilt 5 degrees + or –

• Tilt is built into the body. On the RM3di and RL3d, the tilting mechanism may be turned 90 degrees to accommodate swing instead of tilt.

• A finely threaded helical focusing system, offering almost 5 turns of the helical ring is contained in the body. Depending on the lens, focus as close as 1.5 ft can be achieved. Through it’s integrated lens mount, lenses are easily bayonet mounted to the helical.

• The R camera has a large lens opening design with a large bayonet adapter. With this large throat design, lens choice is unlimited with lenses in focal lengths from 23mm to 250mm.

• RM3di and RM2d can be used with digital backs or film backs up to the format 6X9cm.
The RL3d can be used with digital backs or with film formats up to 4X5 in.

• Any of the R cameras may be used handheld or mounted to a tripod.

• A mounting slot is available at the top and bottom of the camera. These mounts are traditionally used for the viewfinder and tripod. Additionally, the mounts can be used for attaching a bellows system and rail for long focal length lenses or macro work, and for repositioning the body along a section of Arca-Swiss rail to maintain nodal point for advanced rotational stitching purposes.

• The mounts also enable the camera to be flipped upside down and remounted to a tripod for use when more fall is needed.

• RM3di and RM2d work with existing Arca-Swiss F/M Line accessories like bellows lens shade, binocular viewfinder, etc.

• Included with the purchase of the camera body are the ground glass/fresnel, resin hand grips, and choice of mounting foot. The purchase of each Arca-Swiss mounted lens includes a magnetic cable release, mask for VarioFinder, Distance/Focus card, and DOF distance drum for VarioFinder.

Arca-Swiss R Camera System Spec Sheet