Arca-Swiss attending Digital Transitions – Open House May 14th, 15th, and 17th

Phase One & Mamiya Leaf Open House
Featuring Profoto, Arca-Swiss & Wonderful Machine

I’ll be attending all three days of Digital Transitions Open House in May, with two days in Dallas & Houston, along with a third day in Denver, demonstrating Arca-Swiss Technical Cameras. Please contact me in advance if there is anything specific you’d like to see.

Hope you can make it to the event!

Event Highlights

•  Test out the Phase One IQ Series Digital Backs and the Phase One 645DF Camera System
•  Find out about the new Mamiya Leaf Credo digital back
•  Speak directly to the manufacturers!
•  Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Profoto, and Arca-Swiss will be available for questions
•  Opportunity to ask DT’s Tech Manager all of your Capture One software questions
•  Profoto Lighting Tutorial & Showcase
•  See Arca-Swiss Technical Camera Solutions
•  Experience the new Phase One Aerial Camera System
•  Denver Special Guest, Wonderful Machine Presentation: Pricing & Negotiating

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