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Announcing an Arca-Swiss Tech Camera Workshop – April 2015

Join us April 23rd – 26th 2015, on location in Charleston, South Carolina for a unique experience to shoot with Arca-Swiss tech cameras and Phase One Digital Backs. The workshop is a cooperation with Digital Transitions and Rod Klukas from Arca-Swiss USA. We plan to photograph in a beautiful antebellum plantation and along coastal beaches with the location guidance of Charleston Photography Tours.

Arca-Swiss will have technical cameras, Rm3di and Factum, M-line view camera, and the new Universalis camera for medium format and DSLR use. For existing Arca-Swiss customers – learn new techniques, see accessories like e-module or the new Dex shutter system in use, and improve your digital workflow.






All Photographs courtesy of Charleston Photography Tours

Prelimary Schedule
Thursday, April 23rd – Introductory Dinner (Location TBD)

Friday, April 24th
Morning Meeting – Discussion of the goals of the workshop & equipment checkout
After Lunch – Photography on location – camera set up and instruction

Saturday, April 25th
Location photography continues
Medium Format Workflow overview – Schedule TBD

Sunday, April 26th
Wrap Up with Q&A

Arca-Swiss Tech Camera Workshop Details
Location – Charleston, South Carolina
April 23rd – 26th, 2015
Maxmimum Class Size – 12
Cost* – $899

*Please note that the course fee does not include lodging, meals and transportation. We will provide hotel recommendations and group rates shortly.

Have questions about the Arca-Swiss Tech Camera Workshop? Sign up at Digital Transitions or contact Rod Klukas at 480-755-3364 or via email.

Learn more about Arca-Swiss Technical Cameras at Digital Transitions.

Arca-Swiss News – Photokina 2012

Arca-Swiss Continues to Set Standards — Big and Small at Photokina 2012

Arca-Swiss goes big with the new LulF large and ultra-large format camera but doesn’t forget the “little things” with its latest compact option — the new Rm3d factum, the world’s smallest technical camera with both tilt and shift.

ARCA-Swiss will be demonstrating these new products and many more during Photokina 2012, exhibition area Hall 2.1, Stand B-024 in Cologne Germany.

*Update 9/20/12 – a few photos from the exhibition area taken by Paul Freeman. Thank you Paul! Scroll down to read the press release details.

Rm3d factum

The world’s smallest technical camera with tilt and shift

ARCA-SWISS proudly introduces a new model to the R-camera line, the Rm3d factum. The new Rm3d factum is the logical offspring of ARCA-SWISS’ unmatched solution of combining a precise and highly exact focusing camera with a tilt mechanism.

ARCA-SWISS Rm3d factum is a combination of a new camera body and the current focus/tilt unit of the R-line. Photographers with Rm3di will be able to order the body separately (called Rm3d fac) and install their tilt/focus module (called tum module) into the Rm3d fac body for a smaller and lighter travel camera option.



The shift mechanism allows horizontal and/or vertical movements of +/- 15mm and tilt movements of +/-5°.

The new Rm3d factum, with its extraordinary compact design and unlimited functionality performs with the tightest requirements of on-location photography. The Rm3d factum has the same well-known ARCA-SWISS precision without compromise and the offered technical possibilities are equal to current R-line models.


The LulF from ARCA-SWISS is the camera for large and ultra-large format photography. When all the millions of pixels are still not enough, the LulF delivers for your most demanding pictures.

At a film format of 11X14” and 8X10″ (with accessory reducing back), this is the camera for those wanting images of power and unforgettable emotion with infinite richness in tone and detail.

The ARCA-SWISS LulF is the result of a new concept in large format camera design that provides the best of both worlds  only slightly heavier than a wooden camera (at approximately 15 lbs) but significantly more precise and the stability to withstand adverse weather conditions.

monoball Z1g+

With the Monoball Z1g+, ARCA-SWISS has improved all aspects of the well-known ballhead Z1g. The new head incorporates an additional panning top above the ball and its weight is reduced significantly.

The Monoball Z1g+ guarantees a smooth, even movement and accurate positioning of the camera. The MRGC (Motion Related Gravity Control), a variable and bi-directional drag is independently operative on both axes and stabilized in all directions —  with a horizontal movement the resulting friction remains constant, whereas with vertical movements the friction increases progressively.

monoball Z2+

Improved as well, the larger ballhead Monoball Z2+ is now equipped with a second panning top and additionally, its weight has been reduced considerably.

The Z2+ combines the advantages of a ballhead with the features of a multiaxial tripod head. The secret hides in a newly designed ball unit that allows individual and independent control of the x- and y-axis, with gravity compensation and separate locks. The upper knob locks the smaller ball in the x-axis (80°; 40°; -40°), whereas the lower knob is locking the bigger ball in the y-axis (140°; 90°; -50°).

The Monoball Z2+ sports two panning mechanisms — one at the base of the head, the other (a proper panning top for panoramic photography) is located above the ball, allowing perfect and level panoramic stitching.

Innovative and ready for all circumstances, the ARCA-SWISS monoball Z2+ is a clever synthesis of the ease of a ballhead and the exacting features of a three-way head.

 e-module Cloud

With the e-module Cloud, ARCA-SWISS has developed a world benchmark for measuring distances without the inherent danger of laser devices,and therefore presents no risk while photographing people.

The new measuring device is capable of measuring both short and long distances and is equally accurate in bright or dim light. Measuring through windows or in highly reflective surroundings will not hinder the efficiency of the e-module Cloud – in fact, the name of our product is meant to infer that even clouds can be measured properly. A digital display clearly reveals the distance and indicates four relevant f-stops for depth of field and, as a bonus, the e-module Cloud helps to level the camera. The ARCA-SWISS e-module Cloud is the perfect complement to the ARCA-SWISS e-module sonar.



The ARCA-SWISS RL3d has undergone a face-lift to become RL3di with added shift capabilities and a newly designed integration of the reversible focusing module.

The RL3di offersas all R-Line cameras do, self-locking AIP (All in Plane) shift in the film plane, independent for x- and y-movements, and a tilt mechanism for the application of the Scheimpflug-principle. The precision of focusing is unparalleled and is coupled with an integrated electronic sensor, while continuing to use the same R-Line bayonet lens-mount.

A real multi-format performer, the ARCA-SWISS RL3di works with all digital formats and film formats up to 4X5″ with ease. Intelligently ergonomic, the ARCA-SWISS R-Line cameras exceed all known cameras in precision and functional possibilities.

For more information contact Rod Klukas, US Representative, ARCA-SWISS, Inc. or your ARCA-SWISS dealer. Pricing and availability will be released after Photokina.


A new rotating back, the Arca-Swiss RotaMount

ARCA-SWISS is extending it’s range of accessories for their leading-edge R-series cameras.

The ARCA SWISS RotaMount is a brand new rotating back designed for use with the ARCA SWISS R-Series (digital or film back) as well as with F and M Line view cameras.

The new RotaMount back allows you to switch seamlessly from landscape to portrait format. This safe and secure system guarantees total flexibility and eliminates the need to remove a digital back to change orientation. Perfect for use in the field!

Pricing will be $510 or 390 €.

Digital Transitions, Phase One IQ Conference

New York City, March 19-20, 2012
I’ll be attending the Phase One IQ Conference at Digital Transitions on March 20th, 2012. Additionally, a day ahead of the event, I’ll be demonstrating the Arca-Swiss Rm3di on the High-Line in New York City. Please contact Lance Schad (610)496-5586 for details on when and where we’ll meet.

From the Digital Transitions website: “Phase One & Digital Transitions are excited to announce an educational conference focused on high-end digital photography. This is your opportunity to hear from photographers about their experiences with the IQ, find out about the technologies behind the IQ Series directly from the Phase One engineers, receive in-depth Capture One training – and much more! Continue reading to learn about what’s in store for the Phase One IQ Conference in New York City”. Tuesday, March 20th – Milk Studios, NYC

Tuesday, March 20th – Milk Studios, NYC


New England Photography Workshop, October 5-8

New England Workshop, October 5-8

Just a quick post to let you know I’ll be attending the Capture Integration workshop in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Base camp will be the luxury Historic Mount Washington Hotel.

Capture Integration sales and technical reps Dave Gallegher, Doug Peterson, Steve Hendrix, and Chris Snipes have organized one of the best landscape photography workshops to date. In addition, 6 hours of Capture One training will be provided during the event.

We’ll have lots of Arca-Swiss equipment for attendees to demo during the event. Representatives from Leaf, Mamiya/Leaf, and Phase One will  be attending, as well as presentations from Rodney Lough, Jack Flesher, Guy Mancuso, and Robb Williamson.

This is a rare opportunity in a beautiful setting for a workshop experience. Fall color should be prime!

More info here: