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Universalis demonstration video

We get a great look at the versatility of the Universalis view camera in this demonstration video by Martin Vogt from Arca-Swiss, Int.

The Universalis can be ordered in DSLR, medium format, and 4X5 configurations. Conversion kits are available between the formats and all accessories are modular components as normal within the Arca-Swiss design philosophy.

This camera is our smallest view camera, but works great in studio or on location. It is easily packable for the outdoor photographer.

Video is shared by Eddie NG from YouTube. Thank you Eddie.

The Last Stand, Project by Marc Wilson

The Last Stand from Marc Wilson on Vimeo.

Congrats to Marc, who has recently funded his project, “The Last Stand” on IndieGoGo through private donations. The following is an excerpt from his project description on the IndieGoGo website.

The Last Stand
“Those decaying vestiges of life-and-death human struggle — falling monuments to bellicosity — have a curious attraction to them. The paradoxes are rich. They once showcased unbridled strength and had the prowess to intimidate as they repelled intruders by unrelenting force. This was human power in its rawest form. Now these feeble structures derive their power from something else. With their guns and posts silent, they stand to testify that all things perish. No act of human defiance can possibly win the greatest of all battles of attrition, that of time…It is vitally important historical work.”

My name is Marc Wilson. I have been working as a photographer for over 15 years and I am currently working on my latest project, The Last Stand. I have previously exhibited my work throughout the UK and also in shows abroad in France, Italy and the USA. I have always found myself drawn to the landscape that surrounds us and our interaction with it.

For the past fifteen months I have been researching, reccieing and starting to shoot the photographs that will make up The Last Stand, which aims to document some of the physical remnants of war in the 20th century in the UK and northern Europe. The subjects I am photographing are the remaining military defence structures situated around their coastal areas.

Why it matters
These man-made objects and zones of defence now sit silently in the landscape, imbued with the history of our recent past. Some remain proud and strong, some are gently decaying. Many now lie prone beneath the cliffs where they once stood. Through the effects of the passing years, all have become part of the fabric of the changing landscape that surrounds them.

Whilst I capture the individual beauty of these objects in their landscapes, the series of photographs become much more than a set of traditional landscapes. My aim is that the collection will become a permanent photographic record of the past. A testament to the physical form of the subjects and the histories, stories and memories contained within.
With each passing year the evidence and memories fade a little more and it is especially for this reason that I am undertaking this project. I see each and every landscape as a witness to war with a story to tell, whether it is one of unfulfilled defiance or one of tragedy”.