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Shooting with Mamiya DM33 on the Arca-Swiss

This month we had a week long trial session with the Mamiya DM33 digital back. We loved the results! This high resolution 33 megapixel digital back performed flawlessly on our Arca-Swiss Rm3d, especially considering all the vertical and horizontal camera movements, wide angle lenses, and available low light situations we put it through. The Mamiya DM33, DM40 and DM56 continue Mamiya’s reputation of perfecting the professional modular camera system for the ultimate in versatility. You have the choice to mix-and-match components as needed.

Mamiya DM33 on the Arca Rm3d

Check out the compact size of the Arca-Swiss Rm3d with Mamiya/Leaf digital back. It's a light load for location work.